ALS United North Carolina

Growth & Positive Changes for Our ALS Community in North Carolina

A Letter from President and CEO Dave Shore:

On behalf of our organization’s Board of Directors and staff, I have important news to share with you.

We are happy to announce that our name is changing to ALS United North Carolina. While our name and look are changing, our dedication to the local ALS community is stronger than ever. This is the next step in our organization’s evolving pursuit of excellence in service of those in North Carolina suffering from ALS, their family and professional caregivers, as well as loved ones.

As of September 1, 2023, our organization, rather than forfeit our long-held organizational autonomy, along with 14 other mission-aligned state chapters legally separated as members of The ALS Association. This group of organizations, including ALS United NC, represent nearly half of the patient community and more than half of the Certified Treatment Centers of Excellence and multidisciplinary specialty clinics. This exciting decision empowers us to deepen our service to North Carolinians with ALS, leveraging our unique position as local neighbors to understand and flexibly meet the distinct needs. While the core values and core services will remain unchanged, many exciting improvements are underway as the separation will be complete by Jan. 31,2024.

Each of the 15 organizations, while maintaining autonomy, is committed to collaborating closely and will continue to maintain a robust network of information and resource sharing.

Our intentional choice to include ‘united’ in our names speaks to our commitment to maximizing our impact fighting for a cure and helping people with ALS live their lives to the fullest, while staying independent to best steward our resources towards the communities we each know and love. Since 1987, ALS United NC has always operated with a carefully implemented strategic vision, and we are seizing a rare opportunity to achieve better outcomes with greater efficiency, alongside several other amazing organizations with the same goals.

ALS United NC proudly serves more than 900 people diagnosed with ALS in North Carolina through care services, advocacy, research, and public education and awareness. Through many years of dedicated service, ALS United NC prides itself on knowing these individuals on a deep level and understanding what it takes to deliver helpful services, build meaningful relationships and forge deep connections to assist in the fight against ALS, both now and in the hope-filled future ahead.

Our board chair, Douglas Noreen and I are committed that this unified mission will push us forward even more in the relentless pursuit of discovering treatments and a cure for ALS. Together, as a board, staff and our volunteer community we are dedicated to serving, advocating for, and empowering those affected by ALS, enabling them to embrace life for years to come.

Same mission, same people, new name!

In partnership and gratitude,

Dave Shore
President and CEO
ALS United North Carolina

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