Ice Bucket Challenge

2024 is the 10 year anniversary of the first Ice Bucket Challenge!  It's time to keep the pressure on and do it again for ALS!

Ice Bucket Challenge Logo
This year is an important milestone, the 10th Anniversary of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Many advances in gene discovery and treatments have been made possible over the last 10 years, but we still have not yet found the cause and the cure for ALS. With your help, together, we will end ALS!

The Ice Bucket Challenge took social media by storm in 2014 - and we'd like YOU to do it again! The challenge is simple:

  1. Pour a bucket of ice water over your head
  2. Share the video on social media and challenge others to do the same
  3. Make a donation to ALS United North Carolina!

CLICK HERE for your Ice Bucket Challenge Toolkit, with images to share on social media, email, text, etc.!

As we reflect on the 10-year anniversary of the Ice Bucket Challenge, it is clear that its impact extends beyond the immediate financial contributions. By the end of 2014, the first Ice Bucket Challenge challenge had raised over $220 million worldwide, funds that have since been instrumental in advancing ALS research. This influx of resources has led to several scientific breakthroughs, including the identification of new ALS genes and the development of potential treatments. The challenge heightened public awareness of ALS, a disease that was relatively unknown to many before 2014. It sparked conversations about the importance of medical research funding and the role of social media in modern philanthropy. The legacy of the Ice Bucket Challenge continues to inspire and remind us of the collective power we hold when we come together for a common cause.