Equipment Loan Program

The ALS United North Carolina Equipment Loan Program accepts donations and houses seven types of durable medical equipment. The purpose of the program is to provide access to equipment that may not be an option for those without insurance or if an item is not a covered benefit with insurance. With power wheelchairs, please be aware that our loaner chairs are not custom built for your needs but are a great option to borrow while awaiting delivery of an ordered power wheelchair. 
Power wheelchairs are typically covered by insurance at least 80%. If you are a veteran and registered with your local VA, you are eligible to have your equipment covered.

There are 4 loan closet locations across North Carolina, housed and facilitated by Stalls Medical & Adaptive Vans.


  1. Power Wheelchairs (If donating, must be less than 3 years old with tilt & recline feature and working battery)
  2. Manual Wheelchairs
  3. Transport Wheelchairs
  4.  Rolling Shower Wheelchairs (NOT benches, seats or commodes)
  5. Rollators - standard   OR upright
  6. Electric Hoyer Lifts (must be power, NOT Manual)
  7. Travel Portable Power Wheelchairs (limited supply) *recently added
  • Equipment is available to residents of North Carolina and must remain in North Carolina. Must not be taken on an airplane or other form of transportation that requires item to stored before boarding (equipment may be taken out of state only when traveling by car/van).
  • There is no charge to families for delivery and pick up of items.
  • If equipment is not being used and/or no longer needed, please call the Chapter so equipment can be returned and used by another person in need.
  • ALS United NC does not carry power wheelchair accessories in the loan closet and therefore is not able to customize or modify existing loan equipment. All items are loaned out as is.
  • The family is responsible for maintaining the equipment as it was received. This includes keeping the chair clean and batteries charged. The ALS Association North Carolina Chapter does not issue a guarantee and reserves the right to refuse replacement of equipment due to misuse or improper care.
    Please note that if batteries are not charged and are allowed to run down, it could cause permanent damage to battery, which may require replacement at approximately $500/ battery.

To request equipment, please contact: Claudia Beirne, Director of Care Services Operations, or call 919-390-0125

To Donate Equipment, please contact:
Alex Adams, BSW, Care Services Coordinator, or call 336-757-2000